w/b 3.3.2014

10th March 2014

On Monday Class 2 visited Sainsburys to conduct some market research into smoothies for their DT project. The children investigated the different types of smoothies for sale and their costings. On return to the classroom the children tasted different smoothies that they had bought and recorded their preferences in a block graph.

On Tuesday Class 2 visited Chysauster Ancient Village where they were met by Mr Blight an archaeologist from the past. Mr Blight talked about being an archaeologist and showed the children the tools he used. The children then had a go at sketching and measuring the site for themselves. Back in the classroom the children wrote some super recounts of their visit.

On Thursday the whole school celebrated World Book Day. The children came to school dressed in their pyjamas and brought their favourite bedtime stories to share. During the day, as well as lots of reading taking place everywhere, the children swapped books, decorated doors in the school as book covers, created a whole school book and went on a book treasure hunt.

On Friday as a celebration of all the hard work during the recent OFSTED inspection the children were treated to a tea party and wore their party clothes to school. The children were allowed to bring bikes and scooters to school and had great fun cycling and scooting in the sunshine.