Story Writing

In Reception this week we've been looking at the way stories are written and we talked about how authors can choose the very best words to paint a picture in the mind of the reader. Starting with just two random pictures ( a fairy and a bakery shop!) we had a go at writing our own story - we hope you like it!
Fairy Cakes
by Reception
Once upon a time, there was a fairy called Lily. She had short brown hair and a shiny crown. She wore a big blue dress.
Her favourite thing was the sparkly star on the end of her wand. When she waved the wand, glittery fairy dust sprinkled out.
Lily lived in the chimney of a baker's shop. At night, she liked to slide down the chimney and nibble at the Victoria sponge.
One Sunday, Lily went to the forest to meet her Dad. They had a picnic and ate lots of Victoria Sponge then they fed the ducks in the pond.
Suddenly, they heard a creak in the trees and a scary HOWL!
Then they saw something grey. It was a big, bad wolf! But there wasn't just one wolf - there were twenty.
Quickly, Lily threw the Victoria sponge crumbs at the wolves.
"That won't work!" cried her Dad.
"Or will it?" said Lily.
The ducks flew towards the crumbs and Lily waved her magic wand. Glittery fairy dust burst into the air. With a fizz, a pop and a bang... the ducks turned into humungous dinosaurs!
The dinosaurs stomped and roared as loud as they could.
The wolves cowered and cried like babies. They crawled away back into the woods, never to return.
Dad said, "Let's go home now, Lily."
"Yes, I am getting a bit cold," Lily replied.
They both went back to the chimney of the baker's shop and sat by the fire.
"Oh, no!" gasped Lily. "We forgot to turn the ducks back into ducks!"
"That means," said Dad. "That there might still be dinosaurs in that pond."
"I hope the magic will wear off," said Lily.
And it did. Eventually.