School Ethos, Vision and Values

Trythall School Ethos
At Trythall school every child matters and is seen as a unique human being. Positive relationships throughout the school are promoted through a caring,happy and inclusive school community.
Children achieve through positive educational experiences and learning is promoted through support and a culture of high expectations.
Value and Purposes that Underpin What We Do 
"Education is not just preparation for life; it is life itself." John Dewey
Education shapes and reflects the values of society and the kind of societ we want to have. Therefore it is important to recognise a set of values upon which the children's experiences are built.
Education is a route to spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development and thus the well-being of an individual.Education is a route to equal opportunity for all, just democracy and sustainable development.
Our values contribute to these ends. They include valuing ourselves, our families and other relationships,wider groups to which we belong, diversity in society and the nvironment in which we live. We are also comitted to the virtues of truth, justice, honesty,tolerance, trust and a sense of duty.
Our Aims
We aim to promote pupils' spiritual, moral social and cultural develoment and prepare all children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
The school curriculum should develop enjoyment of, and commitment to, life long learning and stimulate the best possible progress for all pupils.
By providing rich and varied contexts, often outside the classroom for pupiils to aquire , develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills, the curriculum must enable pupils to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to make a difference for the better.