27th May 2013

On Sunday, with a rare break in the weather, the sheet was finally added to the Polytunnel to complete the 21 by 56 foot structure.

Dan and Nat (Sam's parents), who lead the project, had been monitoring the weather closely and decided that Sunday was the day to go for it. With a few phone calls a crack team of 12 or so willing volunteers was recruited, ready ofr a 7:45 start on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, after the beer festival at the Gurnards Head, the team was down to 6 and then 2 more went home, looking worse for wear. With a few more calls Janet, Colin (Rowan's parents) and his mum were roped in and the construction continued. 

By 1pm after some hard work and expert instruction from Nat and Dan, the sheet was on and tightened- after 20 or so similar constructions Dan thought that this was the best yet!

Time to start growing vegetables!

Thanks to all those involved in the final construction: Dan, Nat, Sam, Colin, Janet, Rowan, Damien and Dave (late but enthusiastic), Ken, Paul, Jeanette, Lily, Katie and Ben.

and to all those who were would have done recovering from their support of other events in the community!