Beach Sports Day

1st July 2013

On 1st July, Trythall tried their first sports day on the beach with Sennen Surf Centre. It was such a success, that we hope that it will be the first of many.The idea started after a run of bad Summers which rained off the traditional sports days on the field. After the Surf Centre had been offered the use of the minibus for their trip to Morocco, they agreed to return the favour by putting on the special event.
After being whipped up into a sports frenzy by Dave, Emily, Jowan and Jackson the children were ready to throw themselves into a well-planned set of events. As well as traditional events, the children loved the surf board obstacle course. There was something for everyone with events for pre-school and the grown-ups too.
In the end Jowan’s orange team narrowly won- the chest thumping must have given them the edge.
It was a fantastic day made possible by well-behaved enthusiastic children, supportive parents and the exceptional activities provided by the Sennen Surf Centre.