Ofsted Report and Performance Tables

Ofsted Reports
Following is the Summary of key findings for parents and pupils from our 2014 Ofsted report:
  • All groups of pupils achieve well. Most pupils are making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Pupils benefit from teaching that is consistently good. Teachers are particularly effective in devising activities that capture pupils’ interest and challenge their thinking.
  • Reading is taught well so that most pupils are making good progress. Pupils quickly become fluent readers and develop a real love of books.
  • Pupils have positive attitudes to their learning and greatly enjoy school. They behave well and say that they feel very safe because the school provides a secure learning environment.
  • Staff check pupils’ work promptly, accurately and in detail across a range of subjects, helping pupils to make secure improvements and develop their understanding.
  • The very dedicated headteacher, supported effectively by subject leaders, has been successful in securing improvements in both the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement.
  • Pupils have many memorable learning experiences, including those provided by the exceptional outdoor facilities, which contribute strongly to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
The full Ofsted reports are available on the Ofsted Reports website. You can search by name or by using our unique reference number (URN) 111791.
Performance Data
Small schools are not included in school performance tables due to small cohort size.

Results for 2016 

Average scaled scores (100 indicates average)

Reading: 104

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 100

Maths: 105


Progress Scores (based on progress from KS2 (0 is average):

Reading 3.4 (above average)

Writing 5.8 (above average)

Maths 4.1 (above average)