Geevor Tin Mine

As part of our topic on Richard Trevithick, Class 2 visited Geevor Mine. The children in reception have written this report to tell you all about their trip:-
This week, Class 2 went to Geevor Tin Mine.
We looked at machines that crashed, bubbled like a big washing machine and smashed the rocks.
We panned for gold and gems.
We went in a special lift that couldn't move any more. We could all fit inside it. They nearly locked us in!
We also went underground. We had to wear special coats. It was wet and dark but the miner had a torch. It looked like it was raining underground and it made our feet muddy.
Then we invented mining machines like Richard Trevithick with scrap metal, rubber and wood.
Our favourite part of the day was going underground because it was really good fun in the dark!